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Your IMVU Superhero Is Here To Tell You About Freemium


He’d also like to tell you that freemium isn’t really your pal. In fact, your imvu superhero will be going as far as saying that freemium isn’t even your frenemy. Having a frenemy around every now and then is in reality a good way for you to take full advantage of your own enemies, whether at work or in your gaming space. But there’s no such thing where freemium is concerned. It’s more a case of having your enemy from hell. No, he won’t necessarily be getting you into a whole lot of trouble, but he will be causing you a great deal of hassles.

And here’s why, guys. Listen to what your imvu man has to say. He’s got everything you need to know in order to hate freemium and all its fan dangled games. Have you had experience with this before? Maybe you have. Tell your super cop about this. You know how; you leave a comment in the field he’s given you for just this thing. Your main man in the imvu space is not scared of the real deal freemium thing. In fact, he’s gone as far as calling it just one great big tease. It’s like gasping out for fresh air in space. Or rasping your tongue for water in a desert where there’s none.

That’s how he sees it. Guys, listen up, he’s trying to help you. He reckons that the concept of freemium is nothing but a false fallacy. There’s no premium to be gained from so-called free games. And in this great big life of yours nothing really is for free. He’s saying that the guys that conjured up the term are insulting the rest of us, thinking that we are all just so stupid. Like we didn’t know that freemium comes from those two words free and premium. Well, duh. Unless your name’s Bart, in which case, maybe there’s no hope for you, sorry guys.

And in case you didn’t know what really happens out there, here’s what happens. When you go into the freemium trap, you’re expected to download games that have been stuffed into your face loud and clear as free. Only it’s not. Using apps, you still have to buy those fan dangled games if you really want them that badly. And, yes, there are those of you out there that are that desperate. But why fall for the premium freemium trap when you can just fall in with the imvu super guy who can show you how to really hack it in for free.

Like all things online, there’s a number of pros and cons. The superhero, like many of you guys out there, has his own blog which you can turn to in order to learn more about avoiding falling into the freemium trap again. Guys that word is so bad, the spell checker here is really going into a tailspin. Let’s treat that word as a curse word from now on.