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Turning Your Social Media Relationships into Cash

If you are looking for a new career path or just want a good source of relatively passive income you should consider setting up your own online advertising agency. Don’t worry you are not going to be competing with large scale advertisers but you could make good money by offering social media advertising services. There are companies that let you buy YouTube views for a few and you could capitalize on that opportunity.

Things You Will Need to Start

·    Desire to work hard at least at the start since you are trying to establish yourself as a social media marketing channel.

·    Expanding your network of friends via social media. The social media contacts you have will be a source of income for you when you monetize those relationships. While it takes a considerable amount of effort on your part to start when you gain momentum it will get progressively easier.

·    When you have a few thousand connections available you can begin turning these relationships into a revenue stream.

How to Monetize Your Social Media Relationships

Once you have built a large base of social media contacts you can reach out to companies that let consumers buy YouTube views. These companies are constantly sourcing for ways to reach consumers and you have a gateway to these individuals. The firm that sells these YouTube views needs to provide their clients with access to specific demographics. You will be able to provide these organizations with a breakdown on these demographics because you have relationships with these consumers.

The firm offering the YouTube views will ask you to promote a particular YouTube video that should be interesting to your targeted demographic. What you do is post a special tracking link into your social media timeline and all of your contacts will see this link in their news feed. Each time a person clicks on that link you earn money!  Imagine thousands of people clicking on that YouTube link you shared, it will generate huge sums of money for you and everyone involved benefits. This is the win-win-win scenario that people can only dream about.

Expanding Your Opportunities

Along with sharing these videos you could also do product reviews where you talk about products or services that people within your social media group will resonate with. While doing a review you can also post an affiliate link to the product or service. Whenever a person clicks on that link you earn money! There are many different ways you can monetize your online relationships and the upside to this is you are providing a valuable service. Instead of trying to sell products to your friends (Avon, Tupperware etc.), you simply talk about products and service to get paid.

This is not some far-fetched pie in the sky dream. There are people bringing in considerable sums of money on a regular basis and you can to by simply turning your relationships into income streams. The sooner you begin exploring these opportunities the more money you can earn.